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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm expecting Jimmy Hoffa to show up next!

Our local news has been filled for a week with this story of two people lost and presumed drowned in Strawberry Reservoir. Those two people's bodies have not been located by the search crews. But
3 other bodies have been found during the search! According to this report, there should be 3 more bodies of folks presumed drowned since 1995 that haven't been located.

It is a big lake, deep and very cold, year round. Its froze over for a few months of the year. But these folks don't have to die and they might not have died, except that its known that none of them were wearing lifejackets when they went into the water!

Its a damm shame that people have to die for failure to follow the most basic water safety rules. Its dumbass is what it is!

So, with the steadily increasing body count from Strawberry Reservoir, can Jimmy be too far behind?

UPDATE: The bodies of the missing Roundy couple have been recovered. Their funerals are set for Monday.

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